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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

19th European Union Film Festival (EUFF2009)

European Union Film Festival Bloggers Movie Night

I was invited to an exclusive movie preview to Wolf (the Swedish film featured in the European Union Film Festival) at the Swedish Embassy Residence. I met the organisers of the EUFF and tasted some Swedish food. I had invited a few bloggers but only oceanskies was able to make it.

fm left to right : Councillor Daniel Blockert, ECL, Ellinor and blogger Oceanskies

Part of Encore! The European Season in Singapore, EUFF aims to foster greater cultural exchange between Europe and Singapore, offering Singaporeans the opportunity to watch some of Europe’s most acclaimed films, which few outside Europe would have had the chance to watch.

For the first time this year, selected films by students from NTU’s School of Art, Design and Media will be screened during the EUFF.

Project Leader Ann-Christin giving ECL an insight into the life of the Sami

It's EUFF's 19th year and yet many Singaporeans (including myself, Christopher and oceanskies) are unaware of this annual event.

I was captivated by the opening scene of Wolf. It shows the beautiful and vast land of the Sami, who are the indigenous people of northern Sweden. They have their own language, faith, culture and way of life. They breed and herd reindeer for a living, an unusual culture to me. I learn more about the culture and traditions of Sweden as the story unfolds. The culture is different and seems strange to me. :P

Due to the wolf's diminishing population, it is a protected animal in Sweden. Killing it would cause the killer several years in jail. When 18-year-old Nejla killed a wolf in anger, the adults came together to protect him. Their family values are similar to us Chinese.

Not having lived close to Nature, it was not easy for me to understand the way Swedish treat the animals around them with such love and compassion. Project Leader Ann-Christin, who has been living in Singapore with her family for the past 20 years, shared insights of her Swedish culture and traditions with me. It was a valuable lesson for me. I want to learn more about Sweden and the other European countries.

I have my eye on several films at the EUFF. :)

Tickets available at S$10 at GV VivoCity box office, online at www.gv.com.sg and at AXN stations islandwide.

All movies are subtitled in English.

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