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Monday, April 27, 2009

Bunga Rampai (Wedding pot-pourri) - RT/ WW

At a heritage tour, I learnt to make a Bunga Rampai (wedding pot-pourri) that is used in a Malay wedding. Putting together an assortment of colourful fragrant flowers, finely sliced pandan leaves and with a sprinkling of rose water, the mixture was stuffed into a folded betel leaf.

It gave out a lovely fragrance which is refreshing.

slicing the pandan leaves finely

The tradition of having Bunga Rampai at Malay weddings has been passed down through the generations. According to our guide, the preparation of this gift brings family members and relatives closer.

Once they gather to slice the pandan leaves, those family members who were not on talking terms would somehow have to communicate with one another and hopefully, whatever misunderstanding or differences would be resolved.

Perfect! All the veins meet on this betel leaf

We were told the betel leaves used for preparing this gift have to be perfect. All the veins of the betel leaves have to meet, any broken vein would be a bad sign for the newly-weds. The marriage might not last. :P

Interesting. :)

I have found a great use for this pot-pourri. I make a huge amount of bunga rampai and put it in decorative bowls or small rattan baskets to let the fragrance permeate around my hall, study and bedroom. You can also put it in an organza pouch. Have fun. :)

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