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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ginger Flowers (Bunga Kantan) - RT, WW

A pretty ornamental Ginger flower

Bunga Kantan (Torch Ginger Flower) belongs to the ginger family. The buds are added to enhance flavour when cooking favourite local dishes like Penang Laksa, Rojak or Asam Pedas. It's fragrant and has a spicy flavour. Its flowers, too pretty to be eaten, are used in flower arrangements.

Bunga Kantan

Bunga Kantan is easy to grow and they are not easily found in the wet markets or supermarkets these days. You can grow them from a cut shoot or seeds. The plant is capable of growing several metres in height.

another ornamental ginger flower

You can see more of these pretty flowers in the Spice Garden of Singapore's Fort Canning Hill.

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