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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kampong Buangkok, Last Village in Singapore - WS

Singapore is a high-tech city with a population of 4.8 million living on a total land area slightly more than 600 square kilometres. In land scarce Singapore, many live in high-rise buildings.

Only a handful of people in Singapore know that one kampong (village) still remains. But Kampong Buangkok has been designated for demolition and redevelopment by the government. Under Singapore law, the government can buy the land at any time, at a designated price.

well-kept village houses

On an area the size of three football fields stand 28 houses. Some of the metal-roofed, one-story wooden houses may be old and run-down but they are well-kept.

A neat backyard and dining area

An abandoned well in the middle of a clearing, rumoured to be haunted

I grew up in a kampong. All the neighbours knew one other. Whenever there was a wedding or a death in the village, everyone came to help. We could count on one another. We never had to lock our doors because when there is a stranger in the kampong, we knew.

A brand new wooden house standing amidst the older ones.

There were a couple of newly completed wooden houses. I have no idea if the owners will get to live in them.

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