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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite! - WW

Uncle Tan teaching ECL how to use his reel

While touring the Marina Barrage with my overseas friends, I met several retirees who were having fun flying kites.

Their kites were soaring high in the sky. Many visitors crowded around them to watch. I noticed they were using some contraptions.....

Uncle Sim bought this reel from Beijing for S$40. It inspired his kite flying kakis (buddies) to make their own reels. Among the 3 of them, they have tens of kites and several self assembled reels.

ECL holding Uncle Tan's self-assembled reel and trying her hand at kite flying. Using recycled materials, the reel cost him only S$11. With the reel, it was easy to control the kite line. The kite was flying at 300 miles 30 metres (about 15 storeys high, my mistake) above ground. We saw only a tiny speck of the kite in the sky.

Uncle Loh showing us his kite flying skill. We are going back to see him again as I have an eagle kite which I bought a decade ago and it has never soared in the sky. haha....

Uncle Loh's 'diamond studded' BMW reel!

Uncle Loh glued two metal plates together to make this reel, he even added fake diamonds for an expensive look. lol

Note :
'Go fly a kite' can be considered rude or aggressive because you are abruptly telling the other person to go away

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