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Friday, April 10, 2009

Love Triangles - PH

PhotoHunt theme : Triangle

Jaymes with his two girlfriends

I followed accidentally caught Jaymes with his gals during an outing. He was seated with one girl on his left and the other on his right. With nowhere to run as I took out my camera, the girls hid their faces. hehe.....

A love triangle!?

Cheerful and always armed with jokes, my son Jaymes is quite popular among girls ...... baby girls, young girls, old girls. haha.....

4 Valentine's Day balloons!!

A day before V-Day, he bought 4 Valentine's Day balloons. I don't know if it's for one girl or four girls. The father was super jealous, he never had such luck. haha....

hmm....... this would be a Love Pentagon (5-sided romantic relationship). A romantic relationship that involves four people is a Love Rectangle. Interesting.

Gosh..... I should not be happy, I should be worried. *frowns*

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