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Monday, April 13, 2009

Singapore Kindness Month - RT

On the way to see a client, I passed this sign. It made me look around for some animals. :D

They are Singas, a familiar icon in Singapore. :)

April is Singapore Kindness Month, this is a campaign to promote graciousness. 20 life-sized Singas with simple reminders on kindness and graciousness have been placed in public spaces.

We hear stories about the ugly side of people from time to time. Often we come across instances of inconsiderate behaviour too.

Do people need a campaign to learn about how to be kind and gracious?

What do you think constitute kind and courteous behaviour?

- a person sharing his umbrella with a stranger
- saying thank you or please
- greeting our neighbours
- offering your seat to one who needs it more
- cheering up a colleague/ classmate who is feeling down

These days, as a society, we do not always practise these simple courtesies as standards of good social behaviour. :P

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