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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Create Ripples when Cheerleading - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : Ripples

Oh my gosh!!*gulp*

Some time back, a friend who was the organiser of a charity event forced asked me to be a member of a (Aunties) cheerleading team.

An instructor was hired to train us. When we were first shown the moves, we were stunned and felt sorry for ourselves. We could end up with broken bones!

Luckily we were not asked to perform the difficult stunts. Ample measures were taken to prevent unnecessary injuries. *phew*

We learnt how to use waves and timing ripples when cheering. We created some ripples with our performance. :P

I watched this video clip on cheerleading tips. You may want to surprise your husband/ boyfriend with these moves. haha.....

Note : The above photos are not from our performance. I lost them. :(

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