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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Get Low - PH

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Enjoying some tranquility.....

After a week of hectic city life, I enjoy spending my time with Mother Nature. It's especially enjoyable when my family or good friends join me. Another plus is the low cost of such an outing. :)

Looking high and low for ECL.....

A fig tree laden with fruits!

At the farm, we would come across trees laden with low-hanging fruit. The fruit on these lower branches are not as ripe as the fruit on higher branches, but it is usually more abundant and easier to pick. From this comes the popular expression "low hanging fruit", which means selecting the easiest task or the most readily achievable goal.

As our General Election is coming, I'm beginning to be more interested in our current affairs.

In the political arena, a politician set a number of easily attainable goals, essentially low hanging fruit, and accomplish them with minimal effort. The voters may perceive the politician's actions as proof of his strong work ethic, but in reality he only reached for the political benefits of low hanging fruit.

I see it as a negative since the picker knows how low the quality of the fruit is and picks it anyway. By consistently choosing the immediate gratification of low hanging fruit, I see the politician as lazy or unambitious. It's worse when he tells me, he wants to 'maintain a low profile'. That is not good news to his voters.

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