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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old-style breakfast at Keong Saik Road - RT/WW

Tong Ya's old-style breakfast set

Several friends have commented about the aromatic tea and coffee served at Tong Ya Coffee Shop. So one Sunday morning, we went with a friend to this old style kopitiam (coffee shop) for its popular old-style breakfast. :)

old-style coffee shop Tong Ya in the modern day city

Tong Ya Coffee Shop is located in an old shop-house in Keong Saik Road which had a notorious reputation for its brothels during the 1960s. The three-storey high shophouses flanking either side of the street are now housing several boutique hotels, art galleries and shops for commercial use.
traditional way of making aromatic coffee

We were lucky to get a table fast as the coffee shop is usually packed with customers. Each of us ordered a breakfast set. I was disappointed to see a coffee shop assistant who is a not a local, preparing our beverages. Although he was using the traditional method to prepare our drinks, our cups of teh si (tea with evaporated milk) and kopi or (coffee without sugar) didn't taste authentic. It was too diluted.

a leisurely breakfast

The old-style breakfast brought back memories of my many breakfasts with my parents when I was a young child. After slurping down the 2 half-boiled eggs, my Mom would pour the hot tea into the saucer and blew on it to cool it down. I would then lift up the saucer and drink the tea from it.

These days, it will be seen as ill manners to drink tea from a saucer, but in this old kopitiam, it seems appropriate to just do it. Cheers! :D

Tong Ah Eating House
36 Keong Saik Road
Open: 630am to 10pm, alternate Wednesdays 630am to 2pm

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