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Monday, August 17, 2009

Red Bananas - RT/WW

I was in Chinatown's wet market to buy some snakehead. I was going home when I saw an elderly lady selling these red bananas. I have never seen a red banana so I bought two for S$1 (US 70 cents).

I ate them on the spot. The red banana was sweet. The flesh is a pale yellow. Sorry, I ate it before taking a picture. :P

The seller didn't know what is the name of this red banana. Anyone knows?

My 90+ father-in-law is hospitalised. Last Friday one of my foreign students had a high fever and was given one week's medical leave. This morning, another student came down with fever. My husband is not feeling well too. My hands are full taking care of these sickly guys. I pray it is not H1N1. sigh.

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