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Friday, September 11, 2009

Execution by Electric Chair - PhotoHunt

PhotoHunt theme : Electric

The Electric Chair

I love to bring my students to Singapore Science Centre because of its interactive exhibits. One exhibit that provides the children the most fun and unforgetable experience is this Electric Chair.

But it is neither fun nor interesting for the criminals who were sent to the electric chair. :(

Harold Brown invented the electric chair. On 6th August 1890, the electric execution of the first man was William Kemmler of Buffalo, New York. He was guilty of butchering his mistress with an axe.

As a group of doctors and reporters watched this historic occasion, Kemmler was jolted for 17 seconds. It failed to kill him. He was unconscious but still breathing.

Embarrassed prison officials electrocuted him again for 70 seconds. As the electrodes seared his head and arms,Kemmler thrashed and convulsed. The room was filled with the smell of burning flesh. Some witnesses fainted, while others fled the room. The killing took 8 minutes.

Yikes. That's a painful way to die. :(

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