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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fascinating Keong Saik Road - WW

A friend wanted to take a look around Keong Saik Road, I tagged along. He was planning to film a short movie here. I was trying to learn filming from him.

I was told Keong Saik Road was a red-light district until the 1980s. A shop assistant pointed to the red numbers above some doors. In the past, that indicated the house was a brothel. O.O

I particularly enjoyed walking along this colourful corridor. We posed for some pictures.

There is a temple of the Goddess of Mercy. I wonder if the occupants of the brothels prayed here.

I was fascinated by this street scene where these strong young men were unloading bags of flour. Each man carried 3 bags of flour on his shoulder. One bag of flour weighs 10kg. I couldn't even lift the bag of flour. :P

This is such a fascinating place, I want to learn more about its history. I'll have to go back another day.

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