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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Traditional Ice Lollies - WW

Colourful homemade ice lollies

I was so excited to see these colourful ice lollies at a Family Day Fun and Food Fair.

When I was a kid, this traditional ice lolly was a rare treat for me. It used to cost 10 cents for one but today, it is selling at S$1! Gosh.

S$1 for an ice lolly

I was living in a subsidised flat with my family then. One enterprising neighbour had a fridge and she would make ice lollies to sell to the children in the neighbourhood. Her business was so good that she had to make 3 batches daily.

There were different flavours every day. I prefer red bean or sour sop or sour plum lollies. These days, the factory-produced ice lollies have a wider selection of flavours, but some tastes like coloured syrup. :P .

cold snack on a hot day!

I was very happy to have an ice lolly to snack on in those days but nowadays, if I offer to give kids a cold snack, they would prefer ice-cream. And they are not shy to ask for expensive, branded ones. One scoop of ice-cream for S$3.50! aiyoooh ..... I can buy a plate of chicken rice!   

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