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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CSSP - Domestic Helper/Elderly Safety & Security Workshop - RT/WW

An elderly resident learning fire-fighting 

Due to safety and security reasons in my neighbourhood, I have initiated a Neighbourhood Watch Group together with my neighbours. We work together by keeping our eyes and ears open to signs of possible crime in our area so we can help to stop it before it starts.

This Neighbourhood Watch Group provides a sense of security for neighbours and their families who leave their homes for any length of time. This programme also helps support police efforts in the community in tracking down criminals. We want to encourage strong community involvement because neighbourhoods that unite help to stop crime before it starts. Neighbours who join together can bring a feeling of peace and safety to situations that may otherwise threaten them.

I was invited to the above workshop organised by Marine Parade Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) on 18th October.

SCDF officers explaining how to use a fire extinguisher

In most households, domestic helpers are often left alone or are left with elderly/young children at home, while the employer goes to work in the day. It is therefore necessary to ensure that they are equipped with knowledge on areas such as crime prevention and the handling of emergency situations.

An SCDF teaching participants the kiss-of-life

Participants were taught skills in areas such as identifying of suspicious persons; types of possible crimes that may occur at home or in ther neighbourhood; and precautions against various crimes from happening. At the same time, we can assist to spread the knowledge acquired to people around us.

A participant learning first aid hands-on

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) taught participants skills via hands-on session in the area of first aid and fire-fighting. Every one got a chance to try their newly acquired skills with SCDF officers on hand to guide them.


The elderly and domestic helpers were the main particpants in this workshop. I hope to get more support of the respective government agencies to organise such educational activities for my members.

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