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Thursday, October 15, 2009

LA Downtown

Yup ... yup. I finally went to LA, even only for half day! I had to make a report to the Indonesian Consulate which is located at S Mariposa Ave, LA. I searched google map for directions from my place to the Consulate (thanks to google!). Then, I was in the bus 481 heading to downtown from El Monte Station.

Indonesia Consulate

After I’ve done with all the paperwork at the consulate, I walked around the neighbourhood and took a bus to 7th street.

LA traffic Road

A church...


7 St

My friends told me that you can buy stuffs at the 7th street with a good price, but I don’t think so…at least based on my experience. I wanted to buy a pair of sandals and the cheapest one was USD 5. I could find one with better quality at the same price near my home.

I walked around 7th street. I didn’t know where I was going to as I didn’t have a map with me. Somehow, I found Downtown LA Visitor Info Centre. It is located at 685 Figueroa St, between Wilshire Blvd & 7th St. I found lots of useful information about what to do and what must see in LA for my next ‘real’ LA trip during my holiday. I am planning to go to Little Tokyo, China Town, museums, beaches; also can’t wait to go around Hollywood!

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