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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Launch of Katong CC Gourmet Club

Singapore's Famous Chilli Crab

Katong CC Gourmet Club was officially launched by MP Lim Biow Chuan (Marine Parade GRC ) on 25th October. Its first event was held at Seafood International Market & Restaurant located at Playground@Big Splash.

Chef Pung teaching members how to select crabs

Chef Pung specially planned a Crab Feast for our inaugural launch. There were 9 dishes. For S$30 nett, members get to try some unique dishes and were given pointers on how to choose crabs by Chef Pung. He narated the origins of our famous Singapore dish, Chilli Crab.

 MP Lim Biow Chuan with Chef Pung Lu Tin

Chef Pung Lu Tin is well-known in Singapore's culinary circle. He is a culinary consultant at the Singapore Culinary Institute, he spearheads efforts to develop Chinese cuisine. Despite his success, he is a simple and unassuming man, readily accepting feedback from diners. He enjoys creating new recipes and generously shares his culinary knowledge.

加东会所美食俱乐部 Katong CC Gourmet Club
{螃蟹飨宴}Exclusive Crab Menu

Crab Meat Roll with Seafood Hors D’oeuvre

Braised Crab Meat with Golden Chicken Broth

Chef’s Special Trio Taste Red Snapper
(Crab Meat Fish Roll with Blackcurrant Sauce; Fried Diced Fish with butter cheese sauce; Sauna Sliced Fish)

This Sauna Sliced Fish has a unique cooking method. Beer is poured onto the sliced fish which is then placed in the hot pot.The stones in the stone pot are heated to 400 degree Celsius.

Crispy Fried Beancurd Topped with Crabmeat Sauce

Chilli Crab Served with Bun

Thai Curry Crab Served with Garlic Bread

This Thai Curry Crab which has a rich, unsweetened curry base is so delicious with toasted bread! My favourite dish of the night.

Stewed Bee Hoon with Seafood and Crabmeat

Pomelo Mango Puree with Twins Thai Kueh Kueh

 ECL and Chef Pung Lu Tin

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