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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Pictures by Valerie Fujita

As we arrived later than expected at the Christon Cafe, an endless line of strange characters of any genre (the mausoleums princesses and ruins of the Great War are back) continues to grow before our eyes. The Tokyo Decadance Halloween party, despite of the competition tonight (Midnight Mess) seems to promise a good omen. But we are also wondering how we will get into the building... when suddenly a tall and strong silhouette of a foreigner, blonde wig hair in the wind and a bishop gown of un-catholic colors, strikes out off the tight-row well formed line by the indigenous. Adrien seems busy, he hurries, he runs and we run after him. As he finally notices us, he says hello but he cannot let us go forward, before everyone... When he grabs my hand, suddenly saying "it is time! " We are inserted in the queue at the entrance of the building that houses the Christon Cafe, before jealous eyes of the crowd.

But the obstacle course before entering the home of our hosts is just beginning; yes, tonight, Tokyo Decadance really governs the scene of the Christon Cafe, acquired to their rules and their desires. The advance toward the elevator fully dedicated to the Tokyo Decadance audience tonight is slow, before the eyes of half finished bewildered Japanese, raised with too harsh reinforcement of J-pop music that caused them necessarily the loss of more neurons than expected. But it's also without counting on the stupidity of some foreigners (often men!) who eagerly try to stick to the frightened young gothic girls, making exploding the maximum weight allowed in the elevator, triggering the alarm, sign of a collapse soon to come. Regardless, they maintain their position, themselves also struck by the 21st century strange epidemic that prevents human mammals to think. Finally, a little puny Tokyo Decadance employee dares raising her frail little puny voice with a "一人が降りて下さい. But, she does not understand that foreign travelers here do not understand her language, and she’s even less able to understand her needs to learn some English, because we exist only in an international context, all led by American power. I clenched fists before the ineffable intelligence of these big bulls who keep on laughing while the elevator alarm system continues to ring with distress, and pronounce in the tone of a young military stronghold commander "that somebody gets off, you're too heavy "(please notice the joke).

The elevator finally relieved of its weights climbs to the 8th floor without stopping even once. Yes, tonight we have confirmation that we’re taking an express to hell. Doors open to odds and ends of wires and machineries of all kinds... We do not recognize anything from the set of the Christon Cafe, nor its cozy and sparkling lobby. A "nylon" in the form of a condom topped with a huge head of a silicone manga character supposed to resemble to a little girl with big eyes and green hair welcomes us in its own silent language (he hands toward us a sign asking how many people we will be tonight). Finally, the cave opens its belly, but it is in almost absolute darkness, cobwebs catching in our hair; a nice sexy ghost tries to scare us by rising up from behind her veil, I approach and show her my best smile, that she returns, a proof that ghosts show aggressiveness only if you’re not kind; a young looking-doll girl let her dead legs in the path, in which we lack clinging, spreading our skirts upside down in front of our one-night penitentiary compatriots. A demon in the shape of a skeleton with a head of the size of a 20 kilos pumpkin opens a second door, to a maze of black silk within which we patter.

It took us well over 20 minutes immersed in the horror to come to get a VIP pass and a ticket discount for the lovely Cecilia, despite the distrust faces our two jailers. Control passed and everything becomes clearer! We have not gone through the usual entrance of the Christon Cafe but through its “behind the scenes” that leaded us right above the lobby of the gothic cardboard cathedral. Amen!

The party has not started yet, the monsters are not fully met, we will wait until the atmosphere slightly warms up. In these moments, it is with a little alcohol that we comfort ourselves and we console our eyes unable to stop looking at all the marvelous characters ; an ever more extraordinary gothic girl who has left the behind of her skirt in the wardrobe revealing some tiny shorts, an otaku boy whose jacket is compiled with teddy bears and other symbols of an adulescent not decided to leave the world of childhood, a dandy whose skin is too pale to be alive, a young man (if it actually is) in a minimalist fuchsia silky outfit, the feather in the ass for perfecting it,... And, Beyonce choreographer… oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh ...

The evening was a funny round trip between the dance floor and the Christon Cafe entrance transformed for the occasion in a rest area and a mini gallery of designers of all kinds, including the famous Kenzo-A (former designer of Stigmata) that revealed himself as a devilish go-between... And yes, he remembers me, despite the fact he has not read the email I sent him more than two weeks ago! A few drinks later, I take my camera in my hand and my devilish stroblight from a not so future technology but that impresses many ; some of whom come to me to promote their event (but Alice does not work not free!), others simply intrigued want to see a few pictures. It must be said that I couldn't really talk to our two gothic-cyber-bizarre-things scenes stars, as they were too busy that night for this a bit early Halloween, but also to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Tokyo Decadance. Yes, Tokyo Decadance is an already big baby boy but it needs his parents to look carefully after him.

Never mind, the important thing is also having fun, enjoy the parade orchestrated by some master hands, with fire jugglers, a robot of 3,5m high (actually a guy on stilts), our eternal Kokusyoku Sumire, a raging Coco who will not cease to play the sexy girl in front of my camera (is she lesbian or not finally?), Rolly, a Glam Rock singer exhumed for the occasion (although, excavated like that, I wouldn’t mind to see everyday ... And for the anecdote, Rolly has played the role of Genesis in Sono Shion’s Suicide Club), and boys too beautiful but hopelessly too gothic to be healthy.

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