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Monday, October 5, 2009

Up, Up and Away .... Rising Food Prices - RT/WW

Tiny slice of abalone

Slowly but surely, the prices of food in Singapore is rising. And I'm amazed by the ingenuity of the hawkers.

I haven't been eating out much for months, but all within a week I was stunned by the huge increase in food prices.

I was charged a high price for a bowl of Abalone Noodles which has only one thin slice of abalone. How can they call it Abalone Noodles when there are more mushroom slices than abalone!? Feel so cheated.

Same price but serving bowl shrunk

The price of my usual bowl of Pork Porridge went from S$3 to S$3.50 and yet the serving size of the bowl shrunk. That's double increment.

Mini cockle and shrimp

I'm speechless. I take my hat off to this famous Laksa stall. How did they manage to find such mini-sized cockles and shrimp? They even halved the already tiny shrimp. Wow!

That's not all. One well-known stall which used to boil a good stock of pork and chicken bones for hours for their noodles have resorted to using bottled chicken powder. They save on gas and use less bones for the stock. They lose customers too.

It's back to home cooked food for me.

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