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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hakka Food Fair - RT

Nanyang Khek Community Guild is organizing a series of activities to celebrate its 80th anniversary. I attended  its Hakka Food Fair on Sunday.

I was there at 11am and the venue was packed with people from the Hakka community and visitors from all over the island. All the food stalls were doing a roaring business, and several stalls had already sold out their food. The Food Fair was supposed to end at 3 pm but by 12 noon, most of the food was sold out!

Late comers were disappointed. There will be another Food Fair next year. Come early. :)

 Hakka Thunder Tea

Traditional Hakka food like the Hakka Thunder Tea, Ginger Chicken Stew and Hakka Abacus dish are must-haves at this fair.

Don't expect thunder to strike when you eat this Thunder Tea. In Hakka 'Lui' means to grind (mix) while in Mandarin it means 'Thunder'. :P

I have yet to try this famous Hakka dish which is supposed to be good for my health and is recommended to be eaten on a regular basis.

Famous Hakka Abacus Seed Dish

How can you miss this popular dish if you want to get rich!? :P This traditional Hakka dish is eaten during festive celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival for prosperity. Nowadays it is easily available in certain parts of the island.Huat (Prosperity)  every day!

Traditional Hakka Ginger Chicken Stew

I managed to grab the last bowl of this healthy Ginger Chicken Stew!! hehe..... I drank this traditional Hakka stew a long time ago, made by the Hakka mother-in-law of a cousin. She passed away and I have not tasted this dish until now.

This particular bowl of Ginger Chicken Stew was so strong that I was practically walking on air (drunk, mabot) after drinking it. Oh, and I was perspiring like crazy due to the abundant ginger in the stew. :P It was good for my health. 

Many of these nutritious and tasty dishes sold at this food fair are specialties of the members and are not easily available on the market.

I bought the Hakka cookbook (recommended retail price S$16) published by Nanyang Khek Community Guild and some popular Hakka preserved dried vegetables and red mushrooms. I am going to learn how to cook some Hakka dishes. Yeah!

Nanyang Khek Community Guild
20 Peck Seah Street Singapore 079312 TEL:62210605 62226590

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