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Monday, November 16, 2009

How do you like your coffee, Sir? - WW

 I often have foreign guests visiting and I love to bring them to our local spots or eateries to experience the life on this tiny island.
Some of these friends must start the day with a cup of coffee (I'm not a coffee drinker and I cannot understand how these friends can be such coffee addicts). I brought them to try our beverages at local coffee stalls.  

In Singapore, 'tea' is called 'teh' and 'coffee' as 'kopi'. They are found in kopitiams (coffee shops) and hawker centres, the humble kopi and teh are served in no-frills glasses or sometimes in porcelain cups and saucers. These traditional pick-me-ups cost from 60 cents to S$2.00.  Much cheaper than the high class coffee joints.

the local coffee stall

At a traditional coffee stall, no sophisticated coffee machines and equipment are used to brew them.Our local method is to use a muslin bag where tea leaves and coffee powder are strained.

local beverages

Below are different ways to have your kopi and teh  at a local coffee stall. Try them. :)

kopi/teh (coffee/tea with sugar and condensed milk);
kopi O/teh O (coffee/tea with sugar only);  
kopi O kosong/teh O kosong (if you like it bitter); 
kopi C/teh C (coffee/tea with sugar and evaporated milk);  
kopi kosong/teh kosong (coffee/tea with milk, no sugar);
kopi peng/teh peng (coffee/tea with sugar, milk and ice, the younger crowd loves these);

 teh C and teh peng plus a toasted slice of garlic bread... mmmm...

and the cappuccino-inspired kopicinno/tehcinno (milk at the bottom, coffee/tea in the centre, milky froth on top)

My love!

How do you like your coffee, Sir/Madam?

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