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Monday, November 2, 2009

Toys of Yester Years - RT/WW

I was so excited to see these toys at a local museum. I had lots of fun playing with them when I was a kid. How many of these toys can you remember?

Although a toy like the ones above cost 5 cents or 10 cents 30 plus years ago, it was too expensive for the children who came from poor  families....

.... so we made our own toys with whatever we could find. What others considered junk, they were turned into toys that entertained us for hours each day. :D

Simple things like bottle caps provided hours of fun for the boys.

Tops for the boys and handmade skipping rope for the girls

We girls would string rubber bands to form a skipping rope. Zero point was my favourite game every day until I fell and broke my right arm playing it. I was ten. :P

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