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Monday, December 14, 2009

Cool Stuff on a Hot Day! - RT/ WW

Colourful Ice Kacang!!

I dislike having to eat the ice to get to the bottom for the attap chee (palm seeds). I would dig a hole at the side to look for them. hehe ...........

An old ice shaving machine

I was so happy to see this old ice shaving machine. It reminded me of my childhood in the village.

Wahhhhhh............. Remember these bottles of soft drinks!?

I come from a poor family. When I was a kid, I didn't have money to buy these drinks. Every year, my brothers and I would look forward to Chinese New Year because we would be served these soft drinks at our relatives' houses. One year of waiting, our necks were like the giraffe's. haha .....

We were happy to drink F&N orange ....

but we loved to visit the well-to-do relatives and my Dad's employers because we could drink Coke!

Now that I could afford all these soft drinks, I don't drink them. I don't encourage my son and students to drink these too. Stick to plain water, ok? :)

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