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Monday, December 21, 2009

Keeping Cash At Home, in Biscuit Tins!? - WW

.......  a suitcase full of cash was found under the bed......

I was spring cleaning the house when I found some cash inside a couple of biscuit tins. One was hidden under my elderly mother-in-law's bed and another in the kitchen cabinet. My late grandmother used to keep her cash in biscuit tins (remember the rectangular biscuits tins?) too. Some elderly people still do not trust the banks. :)

This is not the first time someone found my MIL's 'secret' hiding place.Years ago, she lost more than S$3,000 cash when she wrapped it in old newspapers and hid it behind her dressing table. We suspected the maid took it but we could not find the money in her possession.

We did not know when the money was taken because my MIL usually does not  look for it unless she needs it. Sometimes she forgets where she hides her money. haha..... 

S$3,000 was a huge sum of money to my thrifty MIL who was in her late 80s. She scrimped and saved, taking years to accumulate the sum of money. My husband and I were so worried she would fall sick over her loss. Luckily she was alright after we counseled her.

I wish I had found a suitcase full of cash, like the photo shown above, under her bed. :P

I think I should start digging in the garden. hehehe..... 

P.S. - The above photo was emailed to me by a friend. It was what Narcotics officers found in a drug dealer's home. Please don't dig up my garden. :P 

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