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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Mori Girl 60 rules

Pictures from Mori Girl Papier magazine

The Mori Girl community, founded on Mixi social network by Choco a bit more than 3 years ago is not a secret anymore. However, to be called a Mori Girl, one’s should follow some rules. I said some? A lot of rules if we check all the recommendations to be part of Mori Girl Mixi Community… Let's have a closer look at Mori Girl 60 rules.

- You like Q-Pot cake shape accessories
- You like loose looking one piece
- You wear one-piece dress and skirt as everyday dresses.
- You like quirky clothes in a natural looking type fashion (nothing like loudy and or flashy)
- You care about the fabric
- You Like ethnic clothes
- You’re attracted to Nothern Europe and want to travel over there one day
- One of your friends told you “you look like a girl in the forest” (without laughing)
- Your clothes describes a A silhouette
- You like to mix deep colors, dark red, dark green, brown…
- Warm colors fit you well
- You like cushy knits, furs and hats with volume
- You like poncho and bolero
- You’re not into super sweet fashion
- You are a girl with a soft mood (or you’re longing for being one)
- You are a girl that gives the impression of transparency (or you’re longing for being one)
- People say you constantly give the impression of a gentle mood
- You like blouses with puffed sleeves
- You prefer golden accessories to silver ones
- You like leather bags
- You like necklaces with large motifs like loupes.
- You use pochettes for everything
- You’re attracted to old things
- You like fob watch
- You like animal motifs
- You like dots and checks
- You like retro flower prints
- You like tights and long johns
- In winter you put on your ear muffs
- Your perfume has flower essence
- You like lavanda
- You don’t make up a lot but you like round pink cheeks
- You prefer natural buttons made of wood or horn
- Your wear flat shoes most of the time
- You prefer round toes shoes
- If you wear sneakers you turn them into sleepers
- You like to wrap up in stoles and mufflers
- You like hand-made accessories
- You like fairy tales
- You like white color
- In winter you wear turtle neck
- You are loose permed hair Or hair in a bob
- You like laces
- You’re a pale skin complexion
- You’d like to be compared to a Russian doll
- Mori Girls are different from “Lolita and so”
- You’re girly
- Your magazines are Fudge, Spoon, So-En and Spur
- You like brands like Tsumori Chisato, Cocue and Cuccia
- You also like Fellissimo, but especially the labels Syrup and Snow
- You like to spare your time in cafés
- You’re a kind of collector
- You like to take a walk your camera in one hand
- You can spare time in grocery stores
- You feel more at ease with short nails.
- You’re happy to find cute books in bookshops
- Spending time in furniture store gives you pleasure thrills
- You like winter and autumn seasons
- You think that Honey and Clover fits to Mori Girl, and consider Hagu as one of them
- You think that Shizuru Satonaka from “Simply, I love you” is also a Mori Girl

After fitting to these rules, you might be able to enter Mori Girl Mixi Community. But I will add my point of view. I posted previously that Mori Girl is not about a trend and fashion. And it is right, if you refer to the purpose of Choco (Mori Girl moderator) building such a community. And this were the interesting points that attracted me: a girl interested by strange cute things, antiques (my dad’s passion and hobby was to buy antiques so I grew up with this sense and this interest also), the concept of looking like a girl in a forest (with the strange atmosphere it drains), spending time in reading in cafés, who likes furniture shops, and the smell of lavanda (as a French girl raised by my grand-mother, I grew up with the lavanda smell, in the house to make the kitchen bad smells disappear, in the cologne used to warm up my little girl body during winters, used in sachets in wardrobes), animal motifs (I still wear and adore my loose t-shirt with a cat moif that I bought eight years ago) and their taste in magazines (my favorite of all is Fudge and will stay).

But if Japanese are used to often go to far in their hobby, fashion, trends, passion, work and so, we are not European, American, Latino and others used to that behavior and we shouldn’t mistaken rules made by and for Japanese for ours. My friend from Mexico was scared to learn about the now legendary 60 rules… I want to reinsure her and my readers. Feel free to love this style (let’s call it a style rather than a fashion), to find clothes that will fit the Mori Girl mood and make it your own. As you don’t live in Japan, you won’t be able to buy Fudge, Spoon or So-En every month anyway. You won’t be able to buy shoes made by Cocue, long Johns by Fur Fur, long knit by Frapbois, loose dress by Par Avion or Bulle de Savon. These labels are only to be found in Japan. But be free to learn and love the intelligent and wonderful rules about loving antiques, being careful with your clothes, spear your time in café reading, take a walk with a camera. Because in a society that goes too fast, we need to go back to a slower way of living ; we need to learn how to be sweeter; we need to learn from the old ways of living, from our grand-parents. I think that Japanese girls are looking for something that they never knew. Believe me, Tokyo is a too fast megalopolis that tells us about a possible future that turns some people crazy (one month ago I had what they call a jinshin jinkou… Someone running under the train to die), and maybe that’s why, its inhabitants are looking for something different, looking back in time and cherish the old things they have. It’s a lesson to learn. So feel free to look into your country past, to collect old things and cherish your grand-mother accessories. I guess there are different ways to be a Mori Girl.

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