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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mori Girl Fashion & Style Book by Choco

Written by Valerie Fujita
Images source: Mori Girl Fashion and Style book, by Choco

It is a fact, this winter Tokyo has definitely acquired the mori girl as a style, like it did with lolita and gothic lolita in its time, showing everywhere in the magazines (Spur, Fudge, Spoon, Mori Girl Papier and others). A special Mori Girl Fashion and Style book directed by Choco, the moderator of Mori Girls Mixi Community, has been published by a big editing company, Mainichi Communications.

The Mori Girl Fashion and Style Book (森ガール fashion & Style BOOK) is an almost step by step volume, that all the beginners would love to have (unfortunately, this book only exists in Japanese). Choco makes an introduction on how Mori Girl concept and name first appeared, and then guide us through the main Mori Girl everyday and fashion habits: camera to take everywhere, handcraft activities, how they spare their time in café and book shops, wardrobe item by item (from hat to accessories). Choco even opened her own closet to reveal her season by season Mori Girl silhouette.

By looking at the pictures and silhouettes gallery, one’s understand that Mori Girls are natural, but that the fashion is not as simple as it seems. We can say that they cultivate a real taste for antiques and maybe old fashion way to live, something slower than the high speed way of living in Tokyo.

Mori Girl Fashion and style Book prologue, by Choco, Mori Girl mixi community moderator
“Nice to meet you, I’m Choco. About three years has passed since I founded Mori Girl community on Mixi, on the 24th August 2006. The Mori Girl community, I thought was the occasion for me to try to search for people that liked the same clothes as me, that had the same interests as me, people loving a bit strange things, people that don’t choose the common cute things, that have their own taste. I would be happy if, by passing around this book, I could give a bit of my knowledge about what type of girl is a Mori Girl. But, because Mori Girl is not about a new trend or a trend from the past, it is simply about what YOU like and how you look with precaution to the clothes you like, there is not right answer about Mori Girl. I though it was nice if I gave through this book some references and, because it’s enjoyable, some cute pictures.”

Giving to Choco’s words, in September 2009, the Mori Girl Community counted over 35 000 members.

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