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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

TeleMatch at Mountbatten - WW

Residents, young and old, participated in the various games. One game was for a team of 8 to find sweets in a tray of flour. It got the spectators in stitches.

Clouds of white flour flying everywhere! My camera and blouse were not spared.

Teams cheering on the the grannies who gamely completed all the challenges........ the oldest participant is over 80 years old.

I got a sweet!!
.... and a powdered face mask. :P

Flour got into the participants' hair, mouths, even nostrils.....

This little girl is so sporting..... she tried and tried..... burying her head repeatedly into the tray of flour to find a sweet. 

It was a joy to see the elderly people participate and have fun in the games. Usually activities organised for them are rather passive, there are the usual walks, staged shows and eating sessions. The elderly who participated in these games displayed an openness and positive attitude in their lives. The support and concern for one another during the games was heartwarming. They deserve interesting and fun events as much as the young.

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