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Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Kimono will be pop!

Image source: Spoon (pictures by Schinichi Sasaki)

More than anywhere else, Japanese have preserved their traditions, regarding to the numerous festivals where men walk half-naked, the sumô competitions where the public comes along… And girls continue to wear in each festivity occasions the famous kimono. And then one wonders, when Western girls lost their taste for Victorian or Rococo, how Japanese managed to preserve their ancestral way to dress up alive.

The answer probably lies in simplifying the outfit and the reinterpretation that designers have made. For kimono, in a few decades has changed! If you cross at a matsuri (festivals) young women in kimono, prints became more pop, obi (the belt that is nodded on the back) has been simplified, replaced by a broad belt on which the girls clip a nicely revisited ribbon. Permed hair will be arranged in a beehive or in a huge bun (on bleached hair). Then, they will add to perfect the outfit, according to each taste, sparkling accessories, every colors ribbons…

Curly Collection introduces us, already from January on, the 2010 kimonon trend, a vivid colors kimono, accessorized of course by the brand itself… A little taste of Sakuran (Mika Ninagawa movie, starring Anna Tsuchiya, released in 2008)? The styling is very girly and would certainly attract some western girls. The kimono prints are shimmering, and even a little aggressive. Stripes and traditional flowers are joyfully mixed, the kimono will be worn even shorter, and accessorized  will. Therefore, kimonos will be worn with lace wedding gloves, striped stockings for the Lolita taste, small wedges ballerinas and a straw hat for the Mori Girl look.

According to its price, between 120 000 and 200 000 yens, kimono remains certainly a ceremony outfit, although you might be able to find yukata pop prints at a more accesible price.

Author: Valerie Fujita

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