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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


All pictures by Sayaka Nagumo

If there is one thing that particularly attracted me in Mori Girl, it’s the importance given to photography and cameras. It is quite logical as I’m a photographer myself. One of the Mori Girl rules says: “You like to take a walk your camera in one hand”.

Mori Girl photography practice is actually what is called lomography (a special genre of photography that appeared in the early 1990’s and that has 10 golden rules). They take their camera everywhere, usually in one hand or pending at their neck, they take pictures of everything, without thinking over, getting as close as possible to their subject, they shot from the hip. They like pictures of flowers, cute animals and items, skies,… Portraits of other Mori Girls are mostly taken in a natural environment (forest, valley…) or, if it is not possible, staged and framed with natural elements.

But they don’t photograph with a mobile phone or a digital compact camera, for this would be too easy and much too similar to the other Japanese girls practice. Mori Girls have a special taste for authentic and antique things and, once again, they show it through their photography. Mori Girls cameras are what are called toy cameras, a cheap film camera made all of plastic, even the lens. And this particularity gives that so special look to their shots.

They are Holga, Diana, Super Sampler or Fisheye 2 cameras. The plastic lens creates a strange blur and a strong vignette. The colors are brought by the specificity of each film, whether they are 35mm or middle format films. My favorites go to the Lucky super 200, the Lomography X-pro 100, and the Fuji Velvia 100 F… If you are kindled to jump into one of the Mori Girl no koto!

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