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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Between Mori Girl and Lolita, Unruly plays on ingénue and gothic backgrounds

Written by Valerie Fujita
Pictures from Palm Magazine by Kuluri

I was looking at the dozens and dozens of magazines that I possessed, and I was wondering which pictures, which styling I would choose. Mori Girl is really a hot style right now and since I’ve been touched by it when I arrived one year and a half ago, I sometimes felt the style was a bit light for me. Then, I found that report back in my magazines pool, in Palm Wonderland (edited by Charmworld). I particularly liked the direction of the shooting and the styling and make-up on that report.

To talk about the shooting first: it appeared to me to give a taste of Lolita (although Mori Girl fashion is not to be confused with Lolita fashion, see the Mori Girl rules here); I felt the girl had something about Vladimir Nabokov’s novel heroin, a strange lunar teenager. The shooting is beautifully managed, with a young Lolita looking like model, and there is definitely something weird pointing.

The make-up, on the contrary of Mori Girl make-up is not light: the skin complexion keeps the pale peachy color but the make-up general look is closer to a gothic taste, with largely darkened eyes leads and pale lips. The uses of black make-up and some black and gothic taste accessories (notice the huge cross and the umbrella) are giving another dimension to the Mori Girl look.

I also particularly liked the extremely naturally looking like dry flowers handmade necklaces and hair accessories by m.soeur (created in April 2006). In French, m.soeur means “sister” as the brand concept wants to give the idea that the accessories would be like something handmade by a sister. The concept also wants to concentrate on the idea of the impression of a soft world. They are created from classical views, from flowers and nuts image, into something new and original. Tones remain of course natural. Accessories from m.soeur would cost you between 4 000 to 10 000 yens. You can easily find them at Bulle de Savon, a brand that has already proved a tremendous success with Mori Girls.

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