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Monday, January 25, 2010

Chinese New Year Shopping in Chinatown - RT/WW

 auspicious red decorative ornaments to welcome Year of the Tiger

I spent a whole Sunday doing my Chinese New Year shopping. After spring-cleaning the entire house (we Chinese believe a thorough cleaning of the house will sweep away any bad luck accumulated in the past year and have the house ready to receive new luck for the coming year), I need to put up some auspicious Chinese New Year ornaments.   

tourists are fascinated by these waxed meats

It is customary for the Chinese to offer gifts to our elders and business associates at this time of the year. Chinese New Year goodies like waxed meats, barbecued pork slices, cookies and dried seafood make great gifts.

choosing some auspicious plants

Fengshui decorations like these windmills are selling like hot cakes!

In fengshui, the windmill is believed to bring luck. As we are recovering from an economic crisis, the windmill is an appropriate decor because it is believed when the windmills turn, our luck would also change for the better.

Head down to Chinatown the next 2 - 3 weeks to soak up the Chinese New Year atmosphere in Singapore. :)

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