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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Illustrations by Devilrobots.

The first time I met with Devilrobots (2 of their members, including their president Shinichiro Kitai), thanks to my friend Tokyo Alice, the punk illustrator, was this summer, for a live painting they were giving at the LOFT department Store in Shibuya (40 artists came together to customize the 40 years anniversary of the manga character Ashita no Joe). Then I met them again at a private party at the MoMA Store of OmotesandĂ´. I immediately loved their work.

Devilrobots design has something very childish and spontaneous, which I think is the strength of this team. The uninhibited general look, the garish colors combination, a totally child taste features and emotions, make these artists work absolutely endearing.

Devilrobots team is made of 5 members that have their own specialty and clients: Shinichirou Kitai, Kenji Saitou, Yoshihiro (?) Yoshimura, Tsuyoshi Ikegami and Kotohiro (?)Nishiyama. Their works are various, from flyers and posters design, to customizing of characters under license (like for example Mickey) and producing of sounds. Thy counts many customers and some are major companies like Parco, Disney, Marui... Devilrobots also exhibited at Colette select shop in Paris.

My favorite taste goes to their original designs, the most childish one, but also the most attractive and endearing.

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