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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fancy a bowl of Jiggly Pig Brain Soup? - PH

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Pig Brain Soup 

I brought an overseas visitor to a hawker center to try our local food. He was fascinated with a stall selling pig organ soup. Being adventurous, he tried its stir-fried pig liver, braised intestines, tongue and pig blood salad. He was lucky there was the rare Pig Brain Soup that day. :p       

I remember when I was studying for important exams during my school days, my Mom would cook me Pig Brain Soup and forced me to eat it. The Chinese believe it promotes blood flow to enliven the brain; and to improve memory. Eating pig's brain can make one's brain better? 

How does this jiggly pig brain taste? It has an incredibly awful taste ..... like the taste of raw eggs, but tastes many times worse. Yucky. 

The bowl of Pig Brain Soup is not cheap hor.

As for the jiggly Pig Blood Cubes....... I dare not eat it as I was told by a Buddhist friend that anyone who 'takes (eat/ drink /kill) the blood' of another living thing will never be reincarnated.  *shivers*

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