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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Five types of silhouette for Mori Girls

Pictures from Valon Magazine by Hirokazu

Last week, I was talking to you about how the silhouette of the Mori Girl made an evolution, probably to fit more to the trends, satisfy and convince more customers, enter definitely the market. At its origins, the Mori Girl silhouette describes an A, as Mori Girls were wearing exclusively loose one piece. The authentic style is therefore, the original silhouette of the Mori Girl. Essentially white and light beige, it is made by accumulating loose long johns, loose one piece, long cut-saw, huge scarf and flat round toes. It is the silhouette offered by brands like Fur Fur (Laforet), shops like Wonder Rocket (Takeshita Dori). It is personally my favorite, the one I discovered when I arrived in Japan, the silhouette in influencing me by wanting to buy only white one piece dresses.

The Folklore style is still close to the original Mori Girl. The colors are simply darker. The folklore style is certainly born by the fact that Mori Girls like to mix dark natural colors like dark red, dark green, dark blue, brown, …, and their search for antique taste with retro prints one piece and stockings. It’s closer to the silhouette I observed in brands like Balcony and Bed or Mother, which shop flags are located in Nakameguro or Daikanyama, places of reference for finding antiques in Tokyo.

I’m less fond of the three other silhouettes, as, to my point of you of a European and especially French girl, they are really close to what I use to see in Paris. However, the feminine style is convenient to go to the office, the Denim style allows jeans addict to mix it with a Mori Girl look, and the boyish style, girls to wear pants. But I just think it’s too sad not to wear dresses and skirts (in Paris, girls wear mostly pants and jeans). But we will find in each of them the same taste in the color, in the prints, in research for something that looks antique.

Song of the day #5: Chara, Yasachi kimochi
One of my favorite Japanese singer

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