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Thursday, January 7, 2010

In 2010, Alice stays the reference

Written by Valerie Fujita
Image sources: Spoon

With the new Alice in Wonderland film adaptation by Tim Burton, this spring 2010, Alice stays definitely a reference in Japan who has seen an whole issue of Spoon magazine, surfing on Alice character and trend. And it is with no doubt that Lolita fashion is reinterpreting again the Alice concept. Alice is actually a reference for Lolitas in Japan, but also for a lot of Japanese girls who've never seen Europe and are dreaming about Roccoco, Victorian, Romantic styles. And although the land of Japan never knew any of these fashions, designers, probably uninhibited by this fact, free their imagination to offer the best versions of a modern Alice.

According to the words of Fumiko, Chantilly’s designer, for an interview she gave to La Carmina for CNNGo (CNN Asia website), and although there is no real trend for Lolita fashion, the Lolita silhouette for 2010 will be “a more discrete lolita”. Indeed, on this issue the styling is a sensitive, cute, discrete, very modern Lolita. You’ll find everything that you like about this fashion (frilled blouses, pastel colors one piece dresses, high knee socks, strips and hats…) but somehow the silhouette is less aggressive and can be easily worn every day.

Some accessories and the way they are worn, would also make you think that Lolita fashion (Gothic Lolita) this year 2010 is getting a bit inspired by Mori Girl ingredients: fob watches (but is it a surprise when it is one of the most famous ingredients of Alice, hold in the White Rabbit hand each time he appears), uses of white natural flowers for a fresh look, and even fur.

But, of course, a silhouette depends on the styling, and Lolita brands used for this issue are mostly Emily Temple Cute and Jane Marple, mixed to more classic items from Monotari Ono, Arai Sara or Haight and Ashbury. The mix with a more classic wardrobe, is a way for girls highly interested in lolita and underground fashion, to be able to wear their favorite brands everyday, even for going to work!

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