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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Illustrations by Masaru Inoue

It’s been now about 10 months that the illustrator and painter Masaru Inoue joined Mixi Mori Girl Community. Masaru Inoue was born in 1971 in Mie Prefecture (neighbor to Osaka Prefecture). He studied at Tokyo University of Fine Arts, and was majored in Oil Painting discipline in 1995.

Masaru Inoue began his career 10 years ago, when he started to work for the fashion magazine Olive, from which he naturally has been influenced. Even though Masaru Inoue produced bigger paintings, recently his productions are quite small, as in a A4 page size, could fit 2 or 3 paintings.

And it is easy to see how and why he has been accepted in the MIXI mori Girl community. Mainly Masaru Inoue paintings represent girls or children, painted in a light transparent aquarelle or acrylic gouache. His illustrations describe a world of pretty dreaming girl, lunar characters, lost in their dream, often alone, but not lonely as the girls are always accompanied by their animal friends. The girls seem for sure dreaming but at the same time cheerful and happy living in their pastel colored natural environment. Masaru Inoue illustrates magazines, design shop images, designs Christmas and New Year postcards…
You can find postcards for sale on his website for 150 yens. Happy buying!

Song of the day #13 : Shirley Temple, When I Grow Up

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