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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Illustrations by Tokyo Alice

If I didn’t start in my Japanese illustrators and graphic designers reviews to talk about Tokyo Alice, it’s maybe because I was a bit scared that people think I’m doing promotion for my friends, and - moreover, because I already talked about Fumiko, Chantilly’s designer and Kokusyoku Sumire. But I couldn’t stay any longer without taking time for some lines for my best Japanese Friend, Tokyo Alice, for it’s been now more than 2 years I know her, that she never left my thoughts and if there is one Japanese artist I have to quote, she would be the first.

Tokyo Alice, actually, deserves her name, for she is a real Tokyo artist, always busy in some exhibition and parties, she’s hard to join on the phone and she has the pop and electric atmosphere that Japanese neo pop artist shows. Therefore, she’s always hurrying to somewhere, like the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland. Tokyo Alice looks like years doesn’t have any power on her, everyone still wonders how old she is, and who cares, she’s simply her, the wonder of Tokyo’s artists.

Tokyo Alice is certainly Japanese, but her fame, her work, her personality is international and even a bit Parisienne. She has been majored from one of the biggest art university in Japan Musashino Art University, and it’s been 8 years now that she offered to growing fans more and more exhibitions. And when I say Tokyo Alice is international, it’s because her first exhibition at the Pinal Eye in London left people so stunned that magazines like Pure, Exposure, Dazed & Confused offered her a review. Tokyo Alice put her graphic signature a bit everywhere: bands cover albums, cover magazines, a video game, even customized a guitar.

Tokyo Alice has certainly a punk taste for her drawings, but also a pop background. Her strong colored illustrations usually describe lonely powerful girls, with candy eyes, accompanied by cute animals like escaped from some child dream, and sometimes, happy couple lost in their own world. Her world looks like closed, safe and peaceful. Her self-portraits show always show her with squirrels: for her artist name is designed as 東京Ⓐリス, for Tokyo, A for anarchy and Risu that means squirrels in Japanese.

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