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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Punk Girl would you be sweet?

Written by Valerie Fujita
Images source: Kera

It’s what we are inclined to think when we discover the punk revisited styling of Kera magazine to begin the year 2010. Usually we think that punk girls should look strong, dark, and aggressive. It is because we are counting on our western point of view and refer indubitably to London punks. But Japanese stylists know this time how to renew it; the girl remains punk, but she’s romantically sweet. 

To illustrate the style, Kera magazine chose the actress Kyoko Kobayashi (drama Samourai Highschool, guesting in Shikaku Ukeoinin) for who it’s not the first time to take the pose for Kera, photographed here by Kajii. Ryoko Kobayashi appears definitely different from the image offered by TV producers.

The title is clear: Romantic Sugar Punks. Young Punk Lolitas will keep the memory of childhood by overusing powder pink color to create a sweet and cute general silhouette. They will exaggerate the pink round chicks, and make their eyes bigger (don’t forget to put on your fake eyelashes) but the make-up is certainly not a heavy eye candy. They will overuse ribbons much bigger than the ones you found on the usual Lolita clothes and accessories from childhood (teddy bear and big heart pendants) but… They will mix with rider jacket, spikes chokers and belts, striped stockings and won’t hesitate to wear their (pink!) Doc Martens shoes. Because they definitely want to have the strength of a punk girl.

Finally, Punk Lolitas would wear their frilled skirts with high heels shoes (exit the Lolita typically platform round toes shoes) and I claim this idea might have been seen on some French Lolitas for since Lolita fashion entered France, I mostly saw girls wearing their Chantilly or Baby, The stars Shine Bright dresses with Vivienne Westwood stilettos.

And to finish, a snapshot of Ayako, Stigmata’s designer, for she is a punk goth loli.

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