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Monday, January 4, 2010

Valoon, the new magazine for Mori Girls

Pictures from Valon magazine

Do I have again to prove that Mori Girl fashion has definitely acquired his fame by having more and more magazines introducing about this fashion and lifestyle? Valoon Vol. 1 has been released this January 2010. Valoon has less fashion photo reports than the other magazines I usually read but offers a lot of snapsots of Tokyo Mori Girls, these snapshots largely used and that made Kera magazine famous, a way to see real fashion from the streets.

If at its origins, Mori Girl is not a question of trend or fashion, magazines, stylists, designers and fashioners have already reinterpreted the concept to have it disposable for most of us, girls who prefers wearing pants, denim addicts, heels wearers. Everyone would be happy to participate and enjoy this fashion but, definitely, it is natural that you have to play the game.

Valoon gives lists of items to coordinate by type of Mori Girl you are or want to be: authentic style, folklore style, feminine style, denim style and even boyish style. Girls would also be happy to discover a list of shops from Mori Girl concept origins, revealing “brocante” style to handmade accessories spots.

As you may now know, Mori Girls likes authentic taste and for that they like to create their accessories by themselves, looking after their house by arranging them with the furniture and antiques they found in Shimokitazawa or Kouenji areas, and like cute cooking!

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