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Thursday, January 21, 2010

We love Jane Marple's Wonderland!

Written by Valerie Fujita
Images source: Fudge

Jane Marple already proved it was not a Lolita brand like others, being welcomed in magazines like Spoon, Fudge or the magazine that all Japanese students in fashion read, So-En. The two main designers Kurosawa MILK and Yasuhiro Narita met in 1985 and decided to found Saint Mary Mead. At this time, Saint Mary Mead wasn’t a brand yet, just a wholesaler of different products through their shop LENE in Shinjuku (Tokyo) or Maria Theresa in Osaka. In 1989, they create the label Jane Marple and moved to Laforet Department store.

Lolita and Gothic Lolita Japanese Fashion Jane Marple dans le salon

Attached to the artisan spirit, something evocating 19th Century European salons insides, soft, cozy, charming, elegant, they create in 1994, Jane Marple dans le Salon (with the help of Megumi Murano, Jane Marple design assistant and main designer of Jane Marple dans le Salon), a label that knew how to make a magical fantasy sense and a classical fashion coexisted together. Therefore, Jane Marple dans le Salon has something very classic that satisfy maybe another type of customers, more conventional and probably older, a Lolita fashion to wear easily every day, without fearing to be categorized.

The name of the companies Jane Marple and Saint Mari Mead has been inspired of course by Agatha Christie’s novels ; isn’t that a funny combination, detective stories and cute clothes? Anyway, this year again, Jane Maple is taking us to its own wonderland. And it sounds true, when you look at the silhouettes of this 2010 spring-summer collection that you might feel like some kind of modern Agatha Christie’s heroin.

Lolita and Gothic Lolita Japanese Fashion Jane Marple dans le salon

The silhouettes are somehow a bit austere. Skirts are long (like the original Lolita fashion should be, as the point is not to show your knees, or your legs skin), and sometimes, very long. The main design is very simple; no drape, no ribbon, the prints are classic, the revisited tailor jackets are tights; small shoulders on a willowy figure is a must for this season. Accessories keep the Jane Marple touch of course: uses of crowns and the forever small hats or berets. It may be also possible to associate their small hats or white skirts with a stripped Paul Smith cardigan (last picture).


Lolita and Gothic Lolita Japanese Fashion Jane Marple dans le salon

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