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Saturday, February 6, 2010

[100 Lolitas & Gothic Lolitas Testimonies] Week 1 - Audrey, Canada

 Lolita and Gothic Lolita Testimonies CanadaHow and when did you discover Lolita and Gothic Lolita fashion?
I discover Lolita about 3 years ago by the Internet, while I was looking for information about visual kei music. I found a forum related to Harajuku (music and fashion). The first Lolita I saw was a Lolita from my own country.

Could you tell us what are your favorite brands and why? Can you find them easily?
Atelier Pierrot. They have their own way to bring EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) and more traditional Gothic Lolita outfit together. There's also a Victorian atmosphere that I love. Unfortunately, this brand is pretty hard to get: I have to use shopping services. Sometime I can find some on

How did you feel when you bought your first Lolita outfit? How did you feel when you first wore it? Which brand was it?
I was so excited the first time I bought a Lolita dress. I couldn't stop smiling just to see it. I bought it second hand from someone of my community, because I wasn't aware of the procedure to get them by internet neither of the measurement (which is now as common as breathing). When I wore this dress for the first time, I just felt like Cinderella fitting into her shoes. I felt great, pretty and I felt like a girl. I still own this dress, it's a black Metamorphose jumper skirt.

What is the type of reaction when people see you dressed up in Lolita clothing? Your friends? People in the street?
Many people look at me when I wear Lolita clothes, but I always get good comments. My friends think it's original but they don't ask so much about it. They do respect my choice of clothing. Of course I made new friends, but my older friends haven’t change. My family likes it, especially girls in my family. They think it's elegant, girl like.

Do you see any difference in the way that Japanese girls and western girls wear Lolita?
I think Japanese people are more perfectionists about their outfit than some of us. They don't just wear a dress; they wear an assorted outfit, hair, makeup, shoes, accessories and they even act. Western Lolita don't have that very strict conform thinking; they like to be more original and try new stuffs. Some are less careful about their looks (which is pretty rare in Japan, especially if they like fashion enough to adopt a style)

Do you think the fact that now Western girls wear Lolita fashion will change the way Japanese Lolita fashion designers think and create?
I think it already did. We can find more bigger bust size blouse, JSK, OP, shoes. Metamorphose, temps de fille still does kimono prints because it is sold pretty good out of Japan. But of course, getting more international events and communication would influence. As I said, many people here wants to do their own stuff and wear Lolita clothes in a very unique way. I think this might inspired designers, just as their dress inspire us to dress elegantly every day.

Do you think that Europe or United States, or any other foreign countries are now ready to see Lolita Fashion invade their streets?
I think Lolita fashion will always be an underground fashion, so I wouldn't use the word invade. But I think it is ready to see more different styles, considering the fact that our societies now are multi-ethnic (so we're more used to difference). Plus the fact that Europe and America do have value such as liberty, expression liberty and beauty.

Do you think there is a best way to spread Lolita fashion?
I don't know so much about Japan, but for Western Lolitas, Internet is a really fast and good way to get the information about new Lolita stuffs. Of course, SERIOUS tv reports (1) would help to make it more popular and well known. But, unfortunately, many reports have been made by only interviewing a girl met at the corner of a street. There is no serious reports with Japanese designers, comparative way (Japanese v.s. western Lolitas), etc.

Would you like to see some specialized magazines translated in your own language? Would you like a new magazine issued and produced in your own language and focusing on Lolita fashion in your country?
There's magazines made in my first language (French), and in my second language (English), but I just don't feel it's so much credible because many things are simply translations of already existing Japanese magazine. So that would be, indeed, a nice idea to have a real magazine with stuffs that are more specific to us. Somehow, I doubt from seeing one that only concern Canadian people, and I doubt even more to see one only for French Canadian's (Quebec) Lolitas.

Is there any Lolita community (ies) in your country? Could you list them and their website address?
There's the section of Lolita on Qc-Harajuku (French and the most active I know from my place). There's also two live journal about Quebec's Lolitas (bilingual): Montreal's Lolitas and Quebec's Lolitas.

Do you have any message to worldwide Lolitas?
We should just help and be friend each other, because in a way we share the same love about pretty clothes. I hope this worldwide community will still grow and get even more interesting.

(1) Four interviews with brands Putumayo, Chantilly, Angelic Pretty and Sexy Dynamite London and a report about Laforet fashion show in Paris in 2008 have been made after a press conference Orient-Extreme magazine and I organised with about 10 Lolita brand. Reports were only broadcasted on Teva website (French only).

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