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Friday, February 19, 2010

[100 Lolitas & Gothic Lolitas Testimonies] Week 3 - Nina, Germany

How and when did you discover Lolita and Gothic Lolita fashion?
I discovered Lolita when I was 14 and into Manga and Anime. One day I accidently stepped over Metamorphose's website while surfing and was completely fascinated by the elegant clothing. But I didn't have the money or knowledge to order from them. Plus I was a skatergirl at that time and wouldn't have worn it anyways. Not even at this time sweet lolita did appeal me and it still doesn't now. I like the more matured styles.

Could you tell us what are your favorite brands and why? Can you find them easily?
It's definitely still Metamorphose, temps de fille. I love their classic series. But since I'm into classic and pirate, too, I also adore Alice and the Pirates and Innocent World. Moi Même Moitie isn't bad at all, either. I'm pretty lucky that all of these brand except for Moi Même Moitié do ship internationally now but I only ever purchased from Metamorphose directly. Most stuff I buy is second hand from online stores or internet communities.

 Lolita and Gothic Lolita Testimonies Germany
How did you feel when you bought your first Lolita outfit? How did you feel when you first wore it? Which brand was it?
My first dress was -surprise- from Metamorphose. It was their 2007 Lucky Pack Gobelin Print Underbust JSK that I bought from Closet Child in May 2009. When it arrived I was so stunned by it's perfection and prettiness. I was jumping around and grinning like a little child. I would have even slept with it if my boyfriend hadn't kept me from it. It took me a long time to actually wear it as a real Lolita outfit, I've been wearing it in a more casual way most of the time. But when I found the matching bonnet and dressed up I felt gorgeous. A bit weird, riding a train in it, but still gorgeous. Every time I wear Lolita I feel special. It's not that I dont feel pretty in normal clothing but Lolita is just something very precious to me. Feeling like a girl from the older days is great. I always feel a bit melancholy and I still get excited while dressing up.

What is the type of reaction when people see you dressed up in Lolita clothing? Your friends? People in the street?
My friends are pretty used to it since I wear to any imaginable occasion. At least in a muted down version. On the streets most people stare or call me Emo randomly. Old women mostly smile. My granny really likes my special sense for fashion and loves to look at my new dresses.

Do you see any difference in the way that Japanese girls and western girls wear Lolita?
Yes, I do. But I don't know how to describe it at all. I think Japanese girls have a very special ability of looking stylish if they want to. Sadly I have the feeling most western girl lack this. The other way round I like western influence in the style.

Do you think the fact that now Western girls wear Lolita fashion will change the way Japanese Lolita fashion designers think and create?
I hope so. I'm pretty tall and everything is really short on me. Waistlines barely hit my actual waist.

Do you think that Europe or United States, or any other foreign countries are now ready to see Lolita Fashion invade their streets?
I don't think it will ever invade since it's just too special to become common. And I hope it stays like this. I wouldn't feel that special anymore if anyone looked like me. But I would like to see more girls wearing uncommon styles and experimenting with their lolita clothes. Always sticking to your pink or black stuff appears a bit boring to me.

Do you think there is a best way to spread Lolita fashion?
I think it's going pretty well, actually. Internet works better than anything else. I don't know if spreading Lolita so much around the world would be a good thing. I like that our country's community is a familiar, friendly little place together with Austria's Lolitas, since we speak the same language.

Would you like to see some specialized magazines translated in your own language? Would you like a new magazine issued and produced in your own language and focusing on Lolita fashion in your country?
Yeah, I think this would be great. But since I don't think there would come any profit out of it, this will propably never happen.

Is there any Lolita community (ies) in your country? Could you list them and their website address?
Yes, we have dunkelsuess and a Lolita community on Animexx.

Do you have any message to worldwide Lolitas?
Please girls, let's just be nice to each other.

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