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Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Mother" and "Fig Femme" take us to a garden called Eden

Image source: So-En (by Kazuhiro Fujita)

Mother and Fig Femme are taking us in an Eden Garden to meet with four young and beautiful sisters - that's the promise of this photo session - preciously styled by the two brands 2010 Spring Summer Collection, but also by the brands vintage wardrobe (vintages are in incredible and beautiful shape in Japan, almost like new reinterpreted items). The photo shooting is like a story without any end, a long journey that would last, last, last...

This is actually one of the point in Mori Girl fashion, that the styling looks like no age, something that stilled in time, everlasting fresh and young, and yet already in the past. However, the source of inspiration seems to be a movie that saw the end of four sisters, as we cannot deny that the mood is pretty similar to Sofia Coppola’s Virgin Suicides.

4 young sisters, close to each other, spending time in the house or in the garden, together and at the same time aside from the world. Notice the similar flair alighting hair, a scene in a bedroom, sitting on the floor, reading stories to each others, the slightly sexy and delightful focus on naked feet or legs, a skin color tank top and naturally arranged hair… And the flower prints dresses of the garden scene so similar to Lisbon sisters prom dresses.

Used blouses would cost you about 8 000 yens; count between 15 000 to 25 000 yens for jumpers or pants; 20 000 yens for a skirt; and 30 000 up to 45 000 yens for original one piece. Mother and Fig Femme, if these brands are appreciated by Mori Girls, are not targeting Wonder Rocket and other Takeshita young shoppers. They care for the origins of a style (and not about a trend), the girls whose shopping customs are in the peaceful neighborhoods of Daikanyama and Nakameguro.

The target is obviously an adult working young woman, who cares for styles from the past and cherish her vintage wardrobe, ready to pay the price for precious items she will carefully look after. In the family house, the old trunk has been open, to find all the sweet treasures that your “mother” would have kept secret. And actually, it smells like fresh roses.

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