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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eating Melon Seeds - RT/WW

Cute tiger ornaments

I spent my 3rd Sunday shopping in Chinatown again. This time I brought a group of foreign friends. They are new immigrants who want to soak up the Chinese New Year atmosphere in Singapore.

A wide selection of Chinese New Year cookies for sale

As my group consisted mainly of foreigners, we were treated to lots of tasting as we work our way through the food stalls. :D

My foreign friends not just tried the many Chinese New Year goodies, they even bought some to give to their relatives and friends.

Buying melon seeds... so many flavours to choose from

My friends were fascinated with these colourful melon seeds. Many Chinese delight in picking open and eating melon seeds. My foreign friends love eating peanuts but do not know how to eat these, so I have to show them.

We had a hilarious time picking open these melon seeds with our front molars, reminding ourselves to do it with civility and grace in a public place.

Balancing the edge of each seed on our teeth, we apply a sudden pressure on the pointy end. It must neither be too hard nor too gentle.

Pop!.... the shell splits into two and we extract the flesh within. Applying too much pressure on the seed will cause it to be crushed. Eating melon seeds require skill. :D 

Lots of tries later, a perfect split. :D

I find eating melon seeds quite meditative, sitting in front of the TV and repetitively cracking the tiny seeds with my teeth. This is one activity that diverts my attention from the usual hectic life that I lead to concentrate on opening a seed gently. Sometimes I get a reward inside, and sometimes I ended with a rotten product. :(

The seeds have a delicious flavour (depending on what flavours I select), they normally taste slightly salty and nutty.The more you eat, the more fragrant and tasty you'll find the seeds ...... yum.

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