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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hills to Climb Daily - PH

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After my surgery, what used to be simple tasks have turned into difficult or impossible ones. I need help when showering; I need crutches when walking or climbing stairs. I can no longer go out on my own as there are too many obstacles and not enough facilities for the wheelchair bound.   

I used to go for daily walks to the beach near my house. It takes me only 10 minutes to stroll to this beautiful beach. Now that I'm on wheelchair, it takes me almost an hour because I need to navigate round  barriers, treacherous traffic, uneven pedestrian walks and tricky slopes.

A person on wheelchair will not be able to go down this slope on her own.

As we moved cautiously down the slope, with my husband holding on tight to my wheelchair, the thought of him letting go just to claim my insurance money kept flashing across my mind. Accidents can happen. :P

The climb up the slope was worse but nothing was worst than cyclists speeding down the slope on their bicycles. 

Despite numerous signs banning cyclists from riding in the underground tunnel and a fine of S$1000, the cylists (young and elderly) are boldly breaking the rule.

When my husband reminded a cyclist who was speeding down the slope that there is a S$1000 fine, he braked to hurled vulgarities at us and challenged my husband to a fight. And the man was elderly and spoke good English!  Education and more than 6 decades of living on this earth has been wasted on him as it does not make him a better man. ish.

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