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Friday, February 5, 2010

Not Your Average Dishes - PH

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 The King of Smelly Tofu - Guangzhou, China

This tofu was fermented for months and it is extremely smelly when fried. I did not dare to try this, no guy would dare kiss me if I eat that. :P

How smelly is it? Think a well-used public toilet that has not been cleaned for weeks. yucks.

BBQ spider, beetles, silkworms and deep-fried scorpions - Beijing, China

Found among the traditional chicken, pork and lamb kebabs are these not so average snacks.These delicacies are sold in make-shift stalls in the famous Wang Fu Jing Night Market.

 Corpse Bread - Ratchaburi, Thailand 

This is real bread which is sculpted to look like a corpse. It is created by Thai baker Kittiwat Aun-A-Rom.

How does it taste? It is bread. It does require courage to bite into it. :D

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