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Monday, February 22, 2010

Recovering from Surgery..... - WW

Finally my ankle surgery was done during the Chinese New Year holidays. Many relatives and friends were shocked that I agreed to have my surgery done during this period. My surgery had been delayed for more than 8 months and I wasn't prepared to wait any longer. :P

I had been experiencing a persistent pain in my left ankle after a holiday trip to Penang in 2007. The accident was an unforgettable one because it happened before I could commence my vacation. My left ankle was becoming weaker and I could not walk properly. 

After the surgery, I reacted badly to the anaesthesia and was sick for a few days, throwing up everything I consumed. I am discharged from the hospital....., still on painkillers and recuperating at home now. :)

Rehabilitation is a slow process. I need to attend therapy sessions for two to three months and I should expect full recovery to take up to six months. I use crutches during this time as the amount of weight borne on the foot is gradually increased.

I need to be on a wheelchair should I leave the house ......

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