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Sunday, February 28, 2010

This spring, let's all become white angels!

Image source: Fudge (pictures by Junichiro Tokumasu)

White, white, again... And still white! On girls with virginal features, whether they are adepts of rock style with printed t-shirt, Lolitas in corset, Mori Girl in white one-piece dress and a wise little knit; at home for cocooning, in a simple apparel, in the street to go to a White Decadance party maybe; in laces, cotton, using ribbons, dots and multiple accessories. And be dressed in all white, is like a dusty and cozy dream, whose heroine looks like an angel, don’t you think?

While winter is long, coats, parkas and other scarves are yet warmly wrapping us up, we begin to languish of a spring where we all come out with a firm step (white, all white, you have to be at ease with this idea) in our immaculate clothes, and make it definitely something attractive to the pedestrians on our roads, who will turn on our angels silhouettes. But simply wearing white is not all. We'll have to customize the style, giving it a personality, whether pop, rock, or just simple and pretty. We are proposing to dissect 3 silhouettes which fit remarkably well (and maybe strangely remarkably for some) to the concept of being an angel.

Mori Girl fashion fans will probably have no problem in recognizing themselves in that color for it is the original color of the Mori Girl silhouette. Girls paying attention to their economies will inevitably end up at Wonder Rocket to find their one-piece dress (between 3 000 and 5 000 yens). But girls looking for beautiful materials and cuts that fall well, catchy details and perfect finishes won’t hesitate to investigate Unruly collection (distributed at Fur Fur and Parco City) spending a little more comfortable budget (about 25 000 yens as an average price for a dress). However, as Japanese one-piece are quite loose, many of them based on a short silhouette with straps, girls will add stockings (remember that Mori Girls don’t often show their skin), and a cardigan, which color would be associated to the shoes color, for the final particular touch.

Lolitas, however often Gothic - which induces in our Western point of view a false idea of a black silhouette - will know how to embellish the white silhouette base with anything that appeals to Lolita styling. And this time, they will not hesitate to play the total immaculate look. They will necessarily jump into a corset to strengthen the size and maintain the stature steady. They will button the blouse to the very top, a cameo to complete the outfit would be a nice idea (to probably be found on the internet, among Toe Cocotte treasures, the shop owned by Rose de Reficul from the Dark Märchen Show). They will pile up laces; a Jane Marple bolero for instance will require you to spend 35 000 yens. And laces, in details, will once again cover legs. Shoes may be flat but, they will remain necessarily round toes. A bag in a shape of an animal will complete the Lolita mood; have a look at H. Naoto looking gothic animal creations, or, our suggestion, order a bag in the shape of a stuffed animal to Lienstuffed… Watch out, Lien’s creations are done by the expert hands of the designer: 100% Made in Japan, everything has a price! Chantilly had also already made some white propositions in 2008, at Laforet Fashion Show in Paris; girls will spend between 20 000 and 25 000 yens for a dress that can be found at the Atelier Pierrot for about 30 000 yens.

London addicts and their punk taste also will look forward to make that radical choice. And then, they will cheerfully add any punk accessories in a happy mess. The skirt is necessarily a vintage one; a white skirt will easily be found in vintage shops in Shimokitazawa for about 5 000 yens. But if you want to play the Queen of Punk, you will certainly invest more than 20 000 yens a huge tutu (a real dancer one)… Why don’t you have a look then at Cabaret? Of course, punk girls can relieve a bit thanks to the prices of the accessories that can be found between 1 000 and 3 000 yens each, in Kera shops, or in the small backstreets by Takeshita dori. We must also think over a pair of flat toes shoes. Doc Martens as a classic, but Quilp (Journal Standard) offers some interesting choice.

Author: Valerie Fujita

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