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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Pattaya Post Office

I received a card in my mail box last week advising me that I had registered mail to collect from the Post Office. In the past, this has always meant a trip to the Naklua Post Office but this card clearly stated that I had to go to the new Pattaya City Post Office. Where?

One phone call later I found out that the new Pattaya City Post Office is on Sukhumvit about 1km from the Floating Market. You have to drive on Sukhumvit towards Sattahip until you reach the Floating Market. You then take a u-turn and drive approx. 1km back towards Pattaya. You will see the new Post Office on your left side. Look out for the flags.

Hard to figure a stranger location for a new P.O. for the residents of Pattaya. In fact, the Naklua P.O. will be closer for many. Hard to figure but could have much to do with who formerly owned the land now occupied by the new P.O.

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