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Sunday, July 18, 2010

100 Lolitas & Gothic Lolitas Testimonies] Week 8 - Jeppo, United States of America

How and when did you discover Lolita and Gothic Lolita fashion?
Honestly, I don't remember how or when I discovered Lolita fashion because I've been interested in Japanese culture for a long time so I was always aware of it but the day I turned 18 was the day I started buying lolita clothes. Who knows how I discovered this fashion or when I started to fall in love with lolita. I just woke up one morning and before I knew it, I was a Lolita!

Could you tell us what are your favorite brands and why? Can you find them easily?
My main favorite brands are Moi-Même-Moitié and Punk Rave. I tend to waver between Gothic Lolita and Punk Lolita so these 2 brands appeal to me the most. I find them easily online. Moi-Même-Moitié is only difficult because it's either too expensive or the ones I want are sold out.

How did you feel when you bought your first Lolita outfit? How did you feel when you first wore it? Which brand was it?
I was so excited and happy when payday came because I knew exactly what I was going to spend it on. I believe it was a Punk Rave dress and I couldn't wait until it came in the mail. I was going to wear it to a Gothic prom that was coming up and the dress arrived a day before the prom. When I put it on for the first time, I was completely over whelmed with happiness and a magical dreamy feeling bloomed within my heart. I felt so at ease and lovely. So elegant and romantic.

What is the type of reaction when people see you dressed up in Lolita clothing? Your friends? People in the street?
I guess I get a couple stares but I've gotten more compliments on my dresses than anything else. I even had people stop me in my tracks just to tell me how pretty I look. My friends absolutely LOVE my dresses and outfits. One of my friends admitted to me that I inspire her! I was so touched.

Do you see any difference in the way that Japanese girls and western girls wear Lolita?
Well, Japanese girls like to mismatch and wear A LOT of decorations, such as hairclips in their hair and pins and brooches on their blouses.

Do you think the fact that now Western girls wear Lolita fashion will change the way Japanese Lolita fashion designers think and create?
I don't see why it would...Although, I have noticed that a lot of the western girls are "big-boned" So they might consider creating more plus-sizes.

Do you think that Europe or United States, or any other foreign countries are now ready to see Lolita Fashion invade their streets?
I've already seen Lolita all over in the bigger cities of the U.S. but as for anywhere else in the states, it's a rare sight. So think the U.S. needs more work.

Do you think there is a best way to spread Lolita fashion?
Maybe if there was some kind of Gothic Lolita Band or a Movie that inspires Lolita then it would grab a lot of people’s attention! But that takes more money so it would help if there were Lolita clubs going out about the town in their outfits!

Would you like to see some specialized magazines translated in your own language? Would you like a new magazine issued and produced in your own language and focusing on Lolita fashion in your country?
I would absolutely LOVE more Gothic & Lolita Bibles in the U.S. and I would love it even more if we had our own Lolita Magazine!

Is there any Lolita community (ies) in your country? Could you list them and their website address?
Not that I know of. Compared to bigger cities, I live in a town where city folks would call "the sticks"

Do you have any message to worldwide Lolitas?
I admire each and every single one of you girls out there! You are all very beautiful! Please continue to inspire more and more people into this lifestyle!

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